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Fetish Flag Enamel Pendant Necklace | Choose Your Flag

Fetish Flag Enamel Pendant Necklace | Choose Your Flag

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Choose your chain or cord. Bails are all steel, but the specific design may vary (basically rectangular vs tapered).

I can do custom length in cord and chains, so everyone can have a necklace that fits. All the chains are stainless steel, to be strong and hypoallergenic.

NOTE: Steel chains for bear and uniform/military pendants are gold-toned, to match the pendants.

Lobster claws or magnetic clasps are available. The clasp is shiny silver-toned steel. With a magnetic clasp, of course, there's no necklace extender, so please be sure of your necklace length. (If in doubt, order a size up, as you can always remove links if necessary. Much harder to add them!)


Looking for a design I don't currently offer? Add your suggestion to my list for the next time I have a batch made!

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Materials and care

NOTE: As the finish contains nickel, please let me know if you have a nickel sensitivity, and I'll apply a coat of resin to the back, to prevent contact with your skin.

  • Features

    • Soft enamel
    • 1.25" long
    • Shiny nickel silver/gold finish
    • Bail (loop) is stainless steel.
    • Shiny silver-toned metal, except: bear pride and uniform/military fetish, which have gold-toned finishes.
    • Strung on either black cord, or nickel-free stainless steel chain.
    • Pendants come in unbleached muslin bags, which may be used for storage; for gifting; and tossed into the compost when no longer needed.

    NOTE: Uniform and Bear pendants come on gold-plated steel chain or black cord, unless otherwise requested.

  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth. If soiled, use mild soap or dish soap and water to gently clean, then dry with a soft cloth.

    Please avoid polishing cloths, as these contain compounds which may remove the finish.

    Remove before bathing or swimming.

  • As the finish contains nickel, I've applied a coat of resin by hand to the back of every pendant to prevent skin contact. The pendant bail is stainless steel, and thus shouldn't cause skin irritation.

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