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Satanic Sobriety Chips | Soft Enamel and Black Metal

Satanic Sobriety Chips | Soft Enamel and Black Metal

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I was asked to make a very special item for one of my customers - a Satanic sobriety chip for their partner after more than 2 decades sober. (Go them!)

As so many drug and alcohol programs, at least in North America, rely on the idea of a higher power (usually Judaeo-Christian), I wondered if there were others who would find Satanic sobriety chips to be inspiring? Answer: Yes!

They are plated with black nickel (looks like gunmetal) with coloured enamel accents. On one side you have Baphomet's head, with the words 'Sober for Satan' around the outside. On the reverse, a pentagram with the number laser-etched into the centre, and below either "Days," "Months," or "Years"  in raised, enameled text. (The exception is 24 hours, as the numbers are also raised and enameled.) Around the edge, in raised text, it says, "As Above So Below." Colours are matched to the AA chip colours, as best I could.

By using laser etching for the dates, I was able to reduce prices considerably. (Originally, I wanted the milestones/anniversary dates enameled, but that would mean a back mold for every chip, which would greatly increase the cost per piece.)

The chips come in a clear plastic pouch, shipped directly to you from me, your friendly neighbourhood Ninja Ferret. Packages are, as always, discretely labeled.

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  • Features:

    • Soft enamel
    • 1.25"x1" (3.17x2.54cm)
    • Shiny silver coloured (nickel) finish
    • Comes with butterfly clutch back
    • Locking back available for $0.98 CAD
  • Pins come on a card, no plastic baggies.

    Shipped directly from me, your friendly neighbourhood Ninja Ferret! Any extra packing material (eg: bubble wrap, foam padding) is re-used from parcels I've received myself.

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    Typical production times: 1-5 business days

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