Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your version numbers not match the ones I've seen elsewhere?

The version numbers (eg: Version or V1) indicate the order in which I added the versions to my shop. These may or may not match the version numbers you'll see elsewhere. If you're not sure you're ordering the right item, please send me a note, and/or include a reference image.

I represent a school or organization, can you give us a discount?

I'll happily give you a discount on a larger order! Please send me a note, including what you're looking for, and the quantity, and I'll see what I can do for you.

My organization is doing a fundraiser, can you make a donation?

I love supporting community groups and non-profits. I can only afford to give away a few things each year, but I'm always happy to offer items at cost, for raffles and silent auctions. Please get in touch. I'll set up the order at cost, and if I can donate something, I will.

Did you know that (creator/flag/identity) is problematic?

I can't always keep up with issues that are raised, so please do let me know! I'm not always going to agree, but I WILL hear you out, and either pull the items, add notation to the listings, or (politely) explain why I disagree. I won't support creators or concepts I see as problematic, but I do believe that there are some which carry different values and meanings - such as the reclamation of "f*ggot."

Still have questions?

Reach out via the contact page, or click the little chat icon on the right, and I'll do my best to answer your questions.