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Butch Pride Yard And Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes

Butch Pride Yard And Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes

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Butch is an identity used in LGBT+ subculture to describe someone, typically a lesbian or otherwise sapphic woman, who has a masculine gender presentation. The term "butch" tends to denote a degree of masculinity beyond what would be considered typical of a tomboy.

Butch women often dress in masculine clothing, and typically present themselves in a more stereotypically masculine way, such as having short hair, not wearing makeup, and not shaving. Butches are also commonly thought of as having more "masculine" interests, such as sports, mechanics, and other hands-on jobs. Some butches will take on masculine names or nicknames, and some may use masculine pronouns. Some butches bind their chest or take masculinizing hormones to appear more masculine. Similarly, transfeminine butches may not take certain steps associated with transfeminine transitioning, such as going on estrogen/anti-androgens. Despite this, butch women are still women. They can be cisgender, transgender or any other gender modality. This label can also be used by non-binary individuals. It is not uncommon for butch women to face harassment or violence because of their appearance.

Butch men are historically associated with biker/leather subcultures, sometimes being referred to as "leather-men." They sought to embody a caricature of hypermasculinity, and subvert the masculinity that heterosexual men displayed. Their relationship with masculinity can be likened to a femme woman's relationship with femininity, though they are not perfectly opposite. In modernity, fewer men attach their butch identity to motorcycle groups and leather, rather focusing on the subversion of typical masculinity in a specifically LGBT+ way.

Traditionally, butches have been expected to be attracted to femmes. For some butches, this attraction to femmes represents a strong part of their own identity. However, some butches are attracted to other butches. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as "masc-for-masc" or "butch-for-butch."

Butch is sometimes used as a non-binary gender on its own, as LGBT+ individuals often have a complex relationship with gender. In a 2015 survey of non-cis individuals in the USA, 5% of respondents (about 1,385 individuals) were butch.

While the butch label is often used by/associated with lesbians, it is also used by other groups in the LGBTQ+ community. This includes m-spec sapphics and LGBT+ men .

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Materials and care

  • The single-sided version is great as a wall hanging, or to string together with others and hang like oversized bunting. The double-sided flags are great for gardens, or to hang from a small horizontal flagpole!

    With two sizes to choose from, which one(s) will you choose?

  • Features

    - Stand Not Included

    - 1.25" wide top pole slot

    - Single or Double Sided

    - Thick, opaque fabric with a soft hand (texture)

    - Ships directly from my production partner in the US.

  • Materials:

    100% poly poplin-canvas fabric


    0.08 oz


    12x18" (30x45cm)

    24.5x32.12" (62.2x81.6cm)

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash, or use gentle cycle with cold water. Hang to dry.

    To remove wrinkles, try a clothing steamer - the wrinkles just fall right out!
    If you don't have a steamer, you can put your flag through a rinse cycle in the washing machine, then hang to dry.

    Iron on polyester setting, preferably with an ironing cloth (a thin cloth between the iron and the flag). Test the iron on a less-visible spot to make sure it's a safe temperature.

  • Production Times

    Typical production times: 1-5 business days (up to 10 business days)

  • Shipping Times

    USA - 3-5 business days

    Canada - 2-14 business days

    EU - -business days

    Everywhere else: 6-20 business days

    Tracking information is included in shipping notifications.

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  • Colourful mosaic heart logo with the words: Skipping Stone. Empower. Support. Love. Above the logo the text: Supporting trans ans gender diverse youth and adults. Below the text: Skipping Stone Foundation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

    Skipping Stone

    $2 from the sale of all gender flags goes to support the Skipping Stone Foundation, supporting trans and gender-diverse youth, adults, and families.

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  • Flag with rainbow background and Ninja Ferret Logo. White text on the flag says: Pay-What-You-Can


    If you need a flag and are experienceing financial difficulties, get a flag from my Ko-Fi shop for a pay-what-you-can rate, starting at cost.

    Ko-Fi Shop 

    Single reverse flags are the most common flag design. This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image on the back or reverse side.

  • Single Reverse

    Design is only done on 1 side of the flag but shows through to the other side in a reverse image. The majority of flags are created this way, including most provincial flags and corporate flags. A single reverse flag is lightweight and is most cost-effective.

  • Double-Sided

    Design reads correctly on both sides of the flag. Typically this flag is 2 single-sided flags sewn back to back to make it double thickness. This type of flag is commonly hung horizontally indoors. Double sided advertising flags are heavier than a single reverse flag and are not typically recommended for outdoor use.

  • Single-Sided

    Printed on one side only, with thicker fabric, so the back is blank. Best hung on a wall, or a garden flagpole facing outward.

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For more about LGBTQIA2S+ identities and other definitions used here, or for resources and links, click here.