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Bigender - V4 Pride Yard and Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes

Bigender - V4 Pride Yard and Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes

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Bigender is a non-binary gender identity in which someone has two distinct gender identities. One could feel both genders at the same time or be fluid between them, in which case they may also identify as genderfluid. Bigender individuals can experience any two genders, including binary and non-binary genders. For example, a bigender individual could be male and neutrois or neutral. Those who are bigender do not have to experience both genders in equal amounts. One or both of their genders could be fluid or fluctuating, in which case they may identify as bigenderfluid, bigenderflux, and if they identify as both bigenderfluid and bigenderflux, they may identify as bigenderfluix.

Bigender should not be confused with androgyne, which is a term used for those who strictly identify as male and female, in their gender identity, gender presentation, or both. Bigender individuals identify as two genders, and those two genders do not have to be binary male and female.

Bigender individuals may also identify as transgender or non-binary, if they wish to. Those who experience more than two genders may identify as trigenderquadgendermultigender, etc.

Flag designed by Lestis.

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