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3 Bumblebees - Gaypiary Hanging Canvas Prints | Choose Your Flag and Pun

3 Bumblebees - Gaypiary Hanging Canvas Prints | Choose Your Flag and Pun

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These three bumblebees are wearing pride flag colours, flying over a skep (old-fashioned beehive). Below, you can see the word "Gaypiary" has been spelled out in bee dance.

I think it's cute and punny, don't you? You can choose any combination of three bumblebees for this shirt, or all three the same, whatever buzzes your wings!

Choose white or black hanging frame.


NOTE: Bumblebees don't live in skeps. Depending on the species, they live below ground, at ground level, or above ground. They make their nest in old burrows, abandoned nests, and holes in trees, as well as in the eaves of sheds and the like. There is some great information on supporting bumblebees here: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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Materials and care

  • Features

    - Wood hanging hardware with magnetic connectors and faux-seude hanger

  • Materials:

    100% poly canvas substrate

    Wood hanging hardware


    12x16" (30x40.64cm)

    16x20" (40.64x50.8cm)

  • Print Technique

    Digital printing on premium quality artist-grade canvas using archival quality, pigment based inks

  • Care Instructions

    Wipe gently with a clean damp cloth

    To remove wrinkles, use a steam wand or hang in bathroom during a shower

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