Reviews are Important!

Gradient rainbow background with text on the top, and a screen capture of an Etsy review below. Top text: Reviews are Important! They let other folks know if a product or company are trustworthy. (Bonus, they make sellers feel good.) Review: Becky on Apr 29, 2023 ***** Great quality and quick delivery. I love this product an it was the perfect gift for my brother when he mentioned struggling to find a pin like this. Below, the listing shows an enamel pin, listing title: Disability Pride Flag Enamel Pins - V1 | Soft Enamel Pins | Disability and Neurodiversity

Reviews are so important. They let other folks know whether a company is trustworthy, or a product is of good quality. As a bonus, they make honest sellers feel really good!

If you have purchased something on my website, would you please leave a review? Etsy gives reminders, so I have over 1500 reviews there, but not ONE on my website yet. 😢I would truly appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a brief review. So much, in fact, that I'll give the first few reviewers a gift card for $5 off their next order, which can absolutely be combined with sales or coupons.

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