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Produced by Gooten

Pride Flag Accent Mugs | Choose Your Flag | Lgbtqia2s+

Pride Flag Accent Mugs | Choose Your Flag | Lgbtqia2s+

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Choose your pride flag!

Flags with a design on the left will have the stripes wrapped around. Flags with designs in the centre will be doubled, to have the centre design shown on each side.

Makes a great gift!

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Materials and care

  • Features

    These colourful ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Materials:




  • Care Instructions

    Hand washing will ensure the design does not fade.

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For more about LGBTQIA2S+ identities, visit the LGBTQIA Wiki.

Unless otherwise noted, definitions listed with the aroace, gender, orientation, and rainbow flags on this site are taken from the Wiki.