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DemiAroflux - V1 Yard and Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes | Aro Ace Spec

DemiAroflux - V1 Yard and Garden Flags | Single Or Double-Sided | 2 Sizes | Aro Ace Spec

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Aroflux is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It is defined as someone whose romantic orientation fluctuates.

An aroflux individual may fluctuate between experiencing aromanticismgrayromanticism, and alloromanticism.

Aroflux may be used as an orientation on its own, or may be paired with another orientation term that describes the experienced attraction.

Aroflux may overlap with abroromantic, however someone who is abroromantic experiences changes in what orientation of romantic attraction they experience. Generally, for aroflux individuals, when they feel attraction, the gender(s) they're attracted to are always the same. It is only how they're attracted to them or how intensely they're attracted to them that changes.

Aromantic individuals who rarely feel spikes of attraction may use the term arospike. Alloromantic individuals who rarely jump to a lack of romantic attraction may use the term aro-jump.

The sexual counterpart to aroflux is aceflux.


Demiattraction is an a-spec orientation defined as someone who does not experience all/some forms of attraction until they have formed a deep emotional connection with someone.

Some people who use the demiattraction label may feel no form of attraction until a deep emotional connection, or they may not feel some forms of attraction, for example one may feel physical attraction in an allo way, but may feel emotional attraction in a demi way. Or one may feel some tertiary attraction in a demi way and others in a allo or a-spec way.

The completely a-spec equivalent is anattractional.

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Materials and care

  • The single-sided version is great as a wall hanging, or to string together with others and hang like oversized bunting. The double-sided flags are great for gardens, or to hang from a small horizontal flagpole!

    With two sizes to choose from, which one(s) will you choose?

  • Features

    - Stand Not Included

    - 1.25" wide top pole slot

    - Single or Double Sided

    - Thick, opaque fabric with a soft hand (texture)

    - Ships directly from my production partner in the US.

  • Materials:

    100% poly poplin-canvas fabric


    0.08 oz


    12x18" (30x45cm)

    24.5x32.12" (62.2x81.6cm)

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash, or use gentle cycle with cold water. Hang to dry.

    To remove wrinkles, try a clothing steamer - the wrinkles just fall right out!
    If you don't have a steamer, you can put your flag through a rinse cycle in the washing machine, then hang to dry.

    Iron on polyester setting, preferably with an ironing cloth (a thin cloth between the iron and the flag). Test the iron on a less-visible spot to make sure it's a safe temperature.

  • Production Times

    Typical production times: 1-5 business days (up to 10 business days)

  • Shipping Times

    USA - 3-5 business days

    Canada - 2-14 business days

    EU - -business days

    Everywhere else: 6-20 business days

    Tracking information is included in shipping notifications.

  • Shipping Rates

    Shipping rates vary depending on items and destination. For most accurate information, select the item, then click on Checkout to generate the shipping rate.


    Single reverse flags are the most common flag design. This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image on the back or reverse side.

  • Single Reverse

    Design is only done on 1 side of the flag but shows through to the other side in a reverse image. The majority of flags are created this way, including most provincial flags and corporate flags. A single reverse flag is lightweight and is most cost-effective.

  • Double-Sided

    Design reads correctly on both sides of the flag. Typically this flag is 2 single-sided flags sewn back to back to make it double thickness. This type of flag is commonly hung horizontally indoors. Double sided advertising flags are heavier than a single reverse flag and are not typically recommended for outdoor use.

  • Single-Sided

    Printed on one side only, with thicker fabric, so the back is blank. Best hung on a wall, or a garden flagpole facing outward.

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