June is International Pride Month!

To help you get ready for Pride, everything on my site is on sale. You can save 5-20% on every order.

Flags, clothing, stickers, buttons - you name it. I'll be adding the enamel pins and pendants asap.

This sale is on my website only, not Etsy, as the fees prevent me from offering quite so much of a discount. If there's something you want, and don't see it, please send me a note!

Graphic with a rainbow border and dark grey background. White text at the top: To help you get ready for Pride, EVERYTHING on my site is on sale! In the middle, art depicting a rainbow betta fish with a heart-shaped bubble, and a queer pride bumblebee with bright green bee dance trail. Bottom text: Save 5-20% on every purchase!* *Based on order totals. Minimum 5% off. May 1-14, 2023

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